Unlike competing products, where members are limited to specific regions and aircraft type, the Prive Jet Card is a worldwide solution – you can use the card to fly anywhere in the world, on any aircraft you desire. With your money held in a trust account, there are no stringent timeframes for usage and your investment is fully refundable at any time. 

Another benefit is that the card offers value for money, compared to its competition – you receive increased flight time for your investment, meaning that you can fly further for less, making high hourly costs a thing of the past.  You can easily top-up card at any time and fly for the same hourly rate for 3 years. Prive Jet Card price starts with 25.000 USD. 



Why choose Prive Jet Card?

  • The first truly global jet card: As an Prive Jet Card holder you can fly to and from anywhere in the world. Your personal account manager has at their disposal access to more than 6,000 aircraft worldwide, offering cardholders unparalleled travel freedom.
  • More time for your investment: Some jet cards work with high hourly costs and offer little choice. The Prive Jet Card gives you the best possible rates and widest choice of aircraft available, allowing you to fly further for less.
  • No restrictions on choice of aircraft: Unlike some other jet cards, the Prive Jet Card doesn’t place restrictions on the type of aircraft you can charter. From helicopters and private jets to airliners for larger groups – the choice is entirely yours.
  • No peak-day restrictions: Unlike some jet cards, which restrict their members during popular periods, the Prive Jet Card enables members to fly whenever they need to..